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Viatek Ultrasonic Pest Repeller With Electromagnetic Nightlight

Viatek Ultrasonic Pest Repeller With Electromagnetic Nightlight

$ 19.99

Viatek Dual Technology Electronic Pest Control Repeller with Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Technology and night light uses one of the industries widest range of ultrasonic frequency. Viatek's team has been manufacturing electronic rodent and rat repellers since 1993. We will contantly strive to be the leaders in the world in advancements.By combining two proven pest control systems electromagnetic interference and ultrasonic sound Viatek Dual Pest Control pest repeller provides the most complete and powerful protection available on the market today. Advanced dual technology works within the wiring of the home creating an unfriendly environment for pests within the walls while also working within the living area using advanced sweeping Ultrasonic Technology. By combining both technologies pest control has never been so advanced and so simple.

4-in-1 Pest Control

  • plugs Directly Into Wall
  • Dual-technology Pest Repeller
  • ultrasonic and electromagnetic
  • Magnetic Technology Works Within Walls
  • Soft Glow Nightlight

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